Dr. Alessandro Filazzola

I am community ecologist, data scientist, and conservation biologist. I am currently a post-doctoral fellow at Center for Urban Environments at the University of Toronto working with Scott MacIvor and Marc Johnson. In partnership with local conservation authorities, I am exploring how urban biodiversity is impacted by land development and climate change. I am also a visiting post-doctoral researcher at York University exploring the effects of climate variation on lake ice and chlorophyll. I recently completed a Killam post-doctoral fellowship at University of Alberta with James Cahill examining the effects climate change and grazing on the trophic structure of ecological communities. I completed my PhD at York University with Christopher Lortie examining mechanisms I am a strong supporter of open science, particularly using R, and increasing science accessibility for everyone. Recently, I have also joined the Society for Open, Reliable, and Transparent Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (SORTEE) as a committee member.

In addition to my academic research, I have worked as a research coordinator with the Ontario Climate Consortium (OCC) and The Nature Conservancy (TNC). At the OCC I collaborated with municipalities to develop an adaptation plan to climate change. My time with the TNC I provided recommendations for the strategic retirement of agricultural land to preserve endangered species in California.

Most of my research analysis and workshop resources can be found at my GitHub page.