Alessandro Filazzola

Ph.D, B.Sc.

I am a data scientist and community ecologist working at ApexRMS. I enjoy finding new data sources or approaches to improve our ability to manage and conserve biodiversity. My experience is in extreme value theory, machine learning, linear mixed modelling, predictive modelling, and multidimensional analyses.

Languages and Frameworks: R, Javascript, Python, SQL, ShinyApps, Markdown, HTML, CSS, Unix Shell

If you are working on a project that could benefit from habitat suitability modelling, land cover classification of aerial images, or anonymized human movement data, please reach out to me to discuss more!

Previous work

I recently finished working at the Center for Urban Environments in partnership with local conservation authorities. There I explored how urban biodiversity is impacted by land development and climate change. I have also worked as a data scientist at York University exploring the effects of climate variation on lake ice and water quality. I completed a Killam post-doctoral fellowship in 2019 at University of Alberta examining the effects climate change on alpine butterflies and domestic grazing on native biodiversity. I completed both my PhD (2018) and BSc (2012) at York University testing how desert plants respond to extreme climates.

I have worked as a research coordinator with the Ontario Climate Consortium (OCC) and The Nature Conservancy (TNC). At the OCC I collaborated with local municipalities to develop an adaptation plan to climate change. My time with the TNC I provided recommendations for the strategic retirement of agricultural land to preserve endangered species in California.

Most of my research analysis and workshop resources can be found at my GitHub page.