Black-tailed jackrabbit
As caught using an Acorn wildlife camera for feeding trials
Blunt-nosed leopard lizard
Active restoration project occurring at the Panoche Hills, California
Mojave Desert
Kelbaker road, examining plant-interactions along an elevation gradient
Alpine ecology
Roaming mountain goat on top of Pink Mountain, BC


My name is Alessandro (Alex) Filazzola and I am a community ecologist/conservation biologist. I am currently working out in California studying desert systems with a particular focus on plant-plant interactions. My previous research includes studying alpine systems, insect physiology and using phyto-indicators to estimate deer browsing. I have a personal goal of trying to bridge theoretical ecology with applied to contribute to global sustainability and restoration. Outside of my field research, I am also a strong supporter of open science, particularly R project, and involved in extending environmentalism to the youth community. Please feel free to browse my research or contact me if you have any questions!